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Letter sent on Nov 7, 2016

Designing Chatbots with Manners, User Testing Without Users, Awkward 1:1s and more UX

Here’s what’s hot in UX this week.

Your Closet is Your Personal Design Style Guide →

Have you noticed the relationship between a closet and a design style guide?

Your closet reflects who you are and shapes your style. A design style guide determines how a product is going to look.

Don’t you want to stand out with a strong personality and unique style? You may say no, but companies wouldn’t turn down this opportunity.

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The Challenge of Designing a Chatbot With Manners →

Tech giants are betting on chatbots and virtual assistants as the mechanism through which AI will enter our lives. How do you make one that isn’t creepy?
via Fabricio Teixeira

User Testing Without Users →

When your internal resources are virtually non-existent, you still have a few great ways to understand your target audience and start testing how they’ll relate to your young idea.
via Caio Braga

Slack’s Design is Not Secret Sauce →

Slack’s design is one part of the success of any product, and a very important part, but it is still only one part.
via Caio Braga

Personas, Jobs-to-be-done, and Customer Journey Maps →

Here’s how these three tools fit together, in one diagram (and some supporting paragraphs of text). As jargon-free as possible.
via Caio Braga

VR — Your Portal to the Real World →

What will we do when virtual reality is a normal part of our daily lives? That day is coming quicker than we might realize and how we define it now will shape what it becomes in the future.
via Fabricio Teixeira

The Art of the Awkward 1:1 →

Unfortunately, most people totally waste their 1:1 time. The problem: the 1:1s aren’t awkward enough. Here’s how to make them better.
via Caio Braga

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Conversation with Luke W.

We have Luke Wroblewski, product director at Google and author of the classic book “Web form design“ here with us today, to chat about form design.

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