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Letter sent on Jul 22, 2015

Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort

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Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort →

No one likes filling in forms. And the longer or more complicated a form seems, the less likely we are to jump in and start filling in the blanks — especially on small screens with imprecise inputs (like our fingers).

While there’s two extra fields in the “painful” version above, the primary difference between these two flight booking forms is how they ask questions. One makes use of dropdown menus for nearly every question asked, the other uses the most appropriate input control for each question.

Interacting with dropdown menus on mobile and the desktop is a multi-step process often requiring more effort than necessary. First tap the control, then scroll (usually more than once), find & select your target, and finally move on. We can do better.

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Spot the Unsubscribe →

“After getting fed up with too many promotional emails and newsletters with incredibly obscure unsubscribe links, I decided to make this tumblr to point out such examples of digital douchebaggery.”
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The State of UX Design →

User experience design has come a long way since Don Norman coined the term in the 90’s. It has gone from esoteric industry terminology to a being one of the most in-demand disciplines in the technology sector — in only a matter of years.
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Pixate Joins Google →

“Today, I am very proud to announce that Pixate has joined Google’s design team. Pixate was started three years ago with the goal to make designing and prototyping native mobile applications easy and more accessible.”
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A Wide Perspective for Designing User Experience →

Even a product which has a great functionality may not satisfy user expectations. Here are the most important points to pay attention to while designing the User Experience.
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This Blind Teenager Is On A Mission To Make Apps Accessible →

17-year-old Adi Kushner just helped a ride-hailing app launch a new version that blind people can use. And he’s just getting started.
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The Risky Business of Onboarding →

Introducing potential new users to a product can be tricky. It’s not enough simply to capture an email address — you have to thoughtfully design a process that gets and holds attention, turning new visits into repeated engagement.
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