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Letter sent on Jul 16, 2015

Enhance Your User Experience With Animated Transitions

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Enhance Your User Experience with Animated Transitions →

Providing users with a seamless experience while using your interface is a popular goal when building digital products. Modern day devices and software enable complex transitions between elements on your screen, and as designers we should embrace this development for a better user experience. But how do you define a good transition?

Good animation is invisible. You shouldn’t notice that you’re looking at animation. — Pasquale D’Silva

Animation maintains context. Our digital products enable us to do the unimaginable these days, like ordering a cab from your wrist or preparing a meal without having to think. Subsequently, it means our job as interface designers is crucial for a successful product. With all these complex interactions and possibilities, users can quickly loose context and orientation within the product. If elements on your screen are suddenly (re)moved, you can lose an understanding of the interface. It’s not peculiar to use animations and sound effects in movies when someone goes through a time machine, so it’s only natural to use this in your interface as well.

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Two Years as an Anthropologist on the Photoshop Team →

Almost two years ago, the Photoshop team pivoted to focus its energies and resources on design features and workflows. To be successful, the team needed to understand trends in design and tools, as well as develop connections and empathy to design and designers.
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How Top Designers Connect with Patients →

There are moments as a patient when you feel understood. It might be as routine as ordering a rushed prescription renewal through your smartphone on a busy day or as monumental as a team of clinicians working around the clock to ensure a safe and sound birth.
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Designing Musical User Interfaces →

We leverage the sounds of our morning alarm or the distinct beep of an unlocked car to communicate with our technology. Yet there’s an assumption that user interfaces communicate mostly through a screen, overlooking the power of sonic language.
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Give Me File Hierarchies, Or Give Me Chaos →

Even in an age when the biggest operating systems in the world actively eschew file hierarchies, Dropbox is thriving — its service matters deeply to countless users.
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Why Apple Music Made me Worry that Design is Not So Strong in Apple DNA Anymore →

Few days ago Apple released long awaited music streaming service. It wasn’t a die-for matter for me as I’m long time Spotify user and I’m quite satisfied with it, but as an Apple addicted guy I was really curious how the company that once revolutionized music industry plans to retake the cake.
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Why Are Design Firms Stagnating? →

As design goes in-house, the future of independent firms is murky. Here are four reasons why growth isn’t a given. Design is hotter than blazes, so why is it that traditional product design firms aren’t growing? In fact they seem to be, well, challenged.
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