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Letter sent on Jun 24, 2015

Hot in UX this week: Replacing Personas With Characters

Replacing Personas With Characters →

Because personas focus on creating a story made up of a customer’s attributes, instead of a story that explains a purchase, personas leave the brain in a unsatisfied state. To fix this, in just a split second, the brain decides to make up it’s own story about why the customer made a particular decision.

The reason why the brain work like this, has to do with cognitive biases; specifically, a phenomenon Daniel Kahneman calls What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI).

The way to mitigate these unintended effects is to replace Personas with models that enable cohesive stories. These models are called Characters.

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A Month Designing in VR at Facebook →

Learnings from the Facebook Design team on spending a few weeks designing for the Samsung Gear VR — including the hack-a-month methodology and some takeaways on the design process and patterns used.
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Confessions Of An Ex-Unicorn →

The mythical UX unicorn; we’ve all felt the pressure to become one, and many of us have gained or are actively pursuing unicorn status. But do we truly need to be masters of the entire UX spectrum?
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Dropbox’s New Android App Is All About Invisible Design →

When it came the time to redesign Dropbox’s five-year-old Android app, the goal was to downplay design even more. Now, that may not seem like an impressive feat, but the company managed to make the UI even more straightforward.
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What Will The New Yorker’s Creative Director Be Doing At Apple? →

Late last month, Wyatt Mitchell left The New Yorker for Apple. The question is, why? At the end of May, word quietly slipped that New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell left the publication for a job at Apple.
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Beacon UX: It’s All About Context →

Incorporating the needs of users for a feature that has not explicitly been developed or used is a tough endeavor. Designing and developing the needs that surround beacon optimization comes from a contextual understanding of their function and the user’s needs.
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Modern Design Tools: Using Real Data →

One of the biggest flaws of today’s tools is their failure to allow designers to easily work with real data. Because of this, designers often fill their mocks with idealized information that is anything but representative. How do we fix that?
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List of courses for UX, HCI or ID aspirants →

“I often come across questions from UX aspirants enquiring about courses they should take up in UX, HCI or Interaction Design. Instead of writing to each of them separately I decided to put it together in this post.”
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Image of the week

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