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Letter sent on Sep 17, 2015

Is Apple Ignoring Basic Design Principles?

What’s hot in UX this week:

Apple is Ignoring Basic Design Principles (by Don Norman) →

Apple has gotten carried away by the slick, minimalist appearance of their products at the expense of ease of use, understandability, and the ability to do complex operations without ever looking at the manual.

Today, the products are beautiful, but for many of us, confusing. The fonts are pleasant to the eye, but difficult to read. The principle of “discoverability” has been lost. The only way to know what to do in many situations is to have memorized the action.

The screens offer no assistance in remembering whether one should swipe left or right, up or down, one finger or two. Or three. One tap or two. I frequently have to “re-read the manual,” which means going back to the control panel to review the multiple finger swipes — which are not even the same for all devices: the magic mouse is different from the trackpad which is different from the iPad.

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Recruiting Users on Slack →

Coffee Test helps you coordinate the recruitment process for user tests. Just tell the qualifications you’re looking for and they’ll take care of the rest. Everything via Slack.
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Why is it so Easy to Get “Mobile First” Wrong? →

There’s definitely some logic to the underlying philosophy of the “mobile first” approach to design, but there are also some hidden problems that cause even experienced designers to make some fundamental user experience mistakes.
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Predictive Personas →

Unfortunately, personas don’t always live up to the hype. The problem is that even the best personas tend to be descriptive, but not predictive.
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The Gradient Chart →

A little tool that’s pretty useful when deciding whether to build a responsive site or a separate site for different devices (eg a mdot smartphone site to accompany a full site).
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A List of Creative Exercises for Creative Teams →

A list of exercises that will help your team be imaginative in your approach to problem solving and will keep you pushing a consistent vein of creative freedom in your work.
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Should Designers be Worried About AI? →

From box office hits about invading machines to news of major commercial acquisitions, artificial intelligence is big business. Hollywood’s version of AI grips the popular imagination, but the reality for the design industry is different. And exciting.
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Apple’s Plan to Kill the Hamburger Menu →

During Apple’s September event it announced a new technology called 3D Touch as part of the iPhone 6s. Apple calls it the “next generation of multitouch” and it isn’t mincing words when it comes to how important it is to the future.
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Image of the week

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