The 90's Trend Hits the World Wide Web, Again.

You never thought <blink> would come back…

An ode to the 90's fad?

The 90's are back, in a big way.

Girls with false nostalgia for an era they were conceived in are rocking velvet dresses, tattoo necklaces, and yes, flannel.

But did you know that some sites are beginning to pick the 90's look back up again, too?

Right now it’s mostly limited to the stores that sell 90's clothing, or the personal webpages of Instagram darlings, but watch out — soon you might be asked to code something with scrolling or blinking text!

Here are a few examples from around the web:

Happy Monday’s store site (note the scrolling text!)
Shop Jeen’s store site, complete with music video autoplay and a custom tie-dye cursor.
O Mighty’s store page, with scroll, blink, and pig glitter.

And if that’s not meta enough for you, check out these clothes:

Windows 95 chic. From O Mighty, shown on the DollsKill website.
90's graphics galore! From DollsKill clothes.
From Happy Monday, the “Hot Butt Shirt”

Shop Jeen even named its line of risqué clothing Netgear90:

Tubular — NOT!

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and one that shouldn’t be ignored while building.

So to all you designers out there, dust off your HTML3 skills and figure out your Lisa Frank hexadecimals because there’s a new trend in town.

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