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Letter sent on Apr 10, 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to UX Prototyping (and other UX links this week)

What’s hot in UX this week:

The Beginner’s Guide to UX Prototyping →

Prototyping, as a concept, has been around since before the Internet.

Typically, people developing a new physical product would first build the thing, and make sure that it worked as intended. The first version would be patented, perhaps, and shown to potential investors.

If the inventor had access to their own means of manufacture (if they worked in an existing company, for example), they’d just go right ahead and work out the bugs until they had a production-ready model.

Remember those old demo disks? You know, the ones that came with programs with limited functionality, or the first level or two in a game? Prototypes are a lot like those demos, only even simpler.

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Getting Users to a Specific Feature in a Usability Test →

It is common for usability studies to focus on a particular design detail, and it’s tempting to start the session by asking the test user to go straight to the page you want to test. But…

Email Copy From Great Companies →

Email copy from great companies. Brought to you by Front.

Final Fantasy’s Guide to Onboarding →

Back in December 25th, 1997, I was lucky enough to upgrade from my beloved SEGA Megadrive to a Playstation One. During the next few months, I spent countless hours working my way through the best RPG of all time: Final Fantasy VII (FFVII)…

The 11-Minute Guide to a Bulletproof UX Strategy →

The heart of great UX strategy lies in thorough research. Unfortunately, UX research is usually a mess. If you’re an outsider, you’re still getting to know everyone involved in the project at the same time you’re navigating which research activities to take on.

Consider Offboarding: Letting Users Leave In Peace →

Let’s start with a story: a tragic experience made a little worse by careless design. I go to a small liberal arts school in Oberlin, Ohio. A student here recently passed away and her passing affected a lot of students, in various ways.

The Design Secret Apple Stole from Volkswagen →

Apple has masterfully tapped into the emotional aspects of design since its inception, and its human approach has helped it become the most valuable company in the world.

UX & IA Group on Linkedin →

A place for UX Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Usability Specialists and other professionals to share links, discussions and job opportunities.

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