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Letter sent on Sep 23, 2015

Web Design is Now Completely Boring (and other UX links this week)

What’s hot in UX this week:

Web Design is Now Completely Boring →

Once upon a time, when the internet was conceived, we dreamed up crazy websites. Everyone built their sites more or less from scratch, so there was huge diversity in layouts, colors, sound effects, transitions, animations and more.

In 2015, it feels like web design has become a lot more boring. The internet grew up, HTML5 came along and unleashed new possibilities… but we lost a lot of the fun along the way.

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Privacy is UX →

Government snooping. Identity theft. Sale of personal data. Privacy is out there in a big way. But it’s not in here, meaning on most product development teams.
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UX Dilemmas — Should We Use a Button or a Link? →

The question of whether to use a button or a link seems small. But what starts as a simple UX design problem can create more discussion than you thought possible, and open up a visual design and development can of worms.
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One Page Web Design Speed Art (Video) →

See how the folks at PixelArts go from an idea to a live product in this timelapse video showing a very familiar interface: Adobe Photoshop.
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Ad Blocking →

By most accounts, more and more people are automatically blocking the ads in their browser. Of course, people have been blocking ads forever. By ignoring them.
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Visualizing the World’s Knowledge →

“At Graphiq, we’re working to deliver the world’s knowledge. It’s our belief that everyone benefits from knowledge, but in today’s world, it’s not always easy to access.”
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Designing the Uber Cash Experience →

Designing magical experiences is a local effort. Uber was imagined as a private driver that appears at the tap of a button. And, since your private driver would never ask you to hand over money at the end of your ride — neither would driver-partners using the Uber platform.
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Illustrator UX Workflow Tips for Wireframing and Design →

Illustrator can be a bit of an unconventional choice when it comes to web and app design, but my aim in this series is to explore the different reasons why it’s a great tool for delivering and rapidly revising everything from wireframes to full, hi-res comps.
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Image of the week:

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