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Letter sent on Jun 10, 2015

Hot in UX this week: UI Inspiration, After Effects in UX, Apple Design Awards

UX & UI Inspiration →

No matter if you are in a coffee break, stuck at work trying to solve a UI problem or just looking to delight your users with best-in-class UI patterns: here are some patterns, libraries and references for your delight.
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Fitting After Effects Into A UX Workflow →

After Effects is a great tool that enables us to quickly visualize and test robust animation patterns throughout a web design. But how to incorporate it into a UX workflow?
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3 Common UX Mistakes Killing Good Design →

As a digital designer, it’s not always possible to be everything to everyone and wear all of the hats at the same time…
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Apple Design Awards →

Award-winning iOS apps from various categories with outstanding design and implementation.
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Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer →

Low-contrast text may be trendy, but it is also illegible, undiscoverable, and inaccessible. Instead, consider more usable alternatives.
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The Minority Report Interface Creator is Now Building Real Ones →

It seems the feedback loop between science fiction and reality is accelerating with every new summer blockbuster.
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Free App UI Kit for InVision, Photoshop and Sketch →

More than 130 screens for you to download, remix and create beautiful clickable prototypes super quickly.
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Consistency & The User Experience →

Your goal as a designer or a developer is to always try to find a way to create an environment which is easy for users. Consistency is the key which helps you to achieve that goal.
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Image of the week

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