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Letter sent on Aug 12, 2015

Who Moved My Hamburger? — and other UX links this week

What’s hot in UX this week:

Who Moved my ≡ Hamburger? →

You are not considered as a ‘complete’ UX designer till you publish your views on the “≡”, alias “hamburger menu,” alias “side-drawer menu”.

The recent update of the YouTube Android app by Google prompted me to jump on the bandwagon and express my thoughts on this interesting UI pattern.

Let us see who else did the earlier switch to Hamburger Menu and came back with alternative navigation.

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Mobile:2015 →

Whether on an app screen, a web browser, or a wearable watch face, design is one of the most important drivers of consumer engagement. From flat design to Material design, I analysed what trends have evolved, and share a few of my insights with you — what are these trends? Why are they beneficial to the user? And how are they created?
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First Time User Experiences →

Examples of good and bad first time user experiences across digital and analog products. The goal is to inspire better design in this oft-overlooked part of product development.
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How To Reinvent The Mouse Cursor For The VR Age →

The mouse cursor — that oft-pixelated, 2-D arrow that’s constantly hovering over your computer screen — hasn’t really changed much since it emerged from the labs of Xerox Parc. But the mouse cursor is getting long in the tooth.
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Building the Next New York Times Recommendation Engine →

Refining the path the NY Times readers take through the content — personalizing the placement of articles on our apps and website — can help readers find information relevant to them. How do they handle that?
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4 Invisible User Experiences You Never Knew About →

Great Design is Invisible.Airbnb, Disney World, Uber and Nest. They are all phenomenal products, which together are worth over $135 billion! Not only do their services deliver great value, their experiences are so well thought out and executed that their strategy goes unnoticed.
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This is What It’s Like to Be a Color-Blind Designer →

In the grand scheme of things, making a color choice between a green and brown is the kind of decision we make rarely enough that you can ask for help and it really isn’t a big deal.
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Masking Passwords: Help or Hindrance? →

Sometimes the details make all the difference. Typing your phone number into an online form and being told “no spaces allowed” is infuriating. It’s a tiny part of the overall user experience, but it can totally change the feeling from seamless to clunky.
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Good Notifications: Project Fi →

“A few months ago I was invited to join Project Fi, Google’s wireless carrier experiment. International Data (certain countries) is included with your plan. There are no extra fees for SMS or data usage. Project Fi reminds you of this benefit with a nice notification once you turn off Airplane Mode after landing.”
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Image of the week

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