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Letter sent on Sep 30, 2015

Why Great UX is Everybody’s Business

What’s hot in UX this week

Why UX is Everybody’s Business →

When there’s an issue with a digital product, the problem is almost never one thing. It’s rarely just usability, rarely just the underlying technology, rarely just the UI design, etc. It’s almost always a combination of those things, all of which is usually the result of a larger team or organizational issue.

And that larger issue is usually the fact that these folks aren’t collaborating and leveraging each other’s expertise in order to come up with the right answer — the one that delivers something valuable to users. The one that, as a result of delivering that value, helps their organization make or save money.

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U.S. Web Design Standards →

Open source UI components and visual style guide to create consistency and beautiful user experiences across U.S. federal government websites.
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Designers are Boring →

How is coulda, why is shoulda. How is specifics. Why is motivation. In a world with limited resources (natural resources, time, attention, money), our questions should not be about whether something is possible or how to do it, but whether it’s worth doing it at all.
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The Ninja Skill for UX Designers →

We’ve seen one big trend in how startups interview UX designers: companies want to know how designers think through a problem. There are multiple ways to do this of course. You can ensure your UX portfolio demonstrates your work, and more importantly your process.
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Stop Your Team Using Technical Terms and Jargon →

“Most weeks I am ridiculed by someone for insisting on plain language — avoiding acronyms and technical language / jargon in particular. People tell me that I’m slowing the team down by making them use proper words, and that their end users or stakeholders expect them to use technical language.”
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The 21 Best Designed Apps of 2015 →

With 1.5 million apps on iOS alone, and App Store discovery still broken, it’s become a challenge to stay abreast of mobile innovation. That said, the first half of 2015 was an inspiring stretch for app development, especially in a few key sectors.
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How To Do Nothing In Web Design →

It’s a rookie mistake to confuse minimalism with merely “getting rid of things.” Minimalism was an artistic style decades before the Internet even existed, and its core principles still holds true on the web — always design around the content.
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Using Filters for Good UX →

Search isn’t the only way of finding things, and it’s not always the best way of finding things. We often forget that typing a bunch of keywords into a field isn’t always going to be the easiest way for users to find the things they’re looking for.
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