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Letter sent on Aug 26, 2015

Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die (and other UX links this week)

What’s hot in UX this week

Why the Confirm Password Field Must Die →

Sign up forms are the trickiest web pages to design. Including and excluding certain form elements affects the conversion rate. The designer’s job is to figure out which elements they should include or exclude.

While the confirm password field seems sensible, including it can lower your conversion rate. A research study found that the confirm password field was responsible for over a quarter of all users that abandoned their sign up form. It was also responsible for hundreds of user corrections, including field refocuses and deletes.

Once they removed the confirm password field and replaced it with an unmasking option, the number of user corrections decreased. Not only that, but it increased form starts, completions and the conversion rate.

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Explore Startups Timelines →

Want to learn how Slack became one of the most successful companies of the year? Want to recap all the steps Uber has taken since the day it was found? This website captures and organizes the timeline of some of the most successful companies out there.
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Towards a New Information Architecture →

The web was a mess, and someone had to make it all make sense. So while most software interaction designers declined to play with the very limited set of tinker toys the internet offered, others stepped up to fight the “tidal wave of data.” And they became the first Information Architects…
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A Future-Friendly Approach to Experience Design →

Buzzwords like innovation and disruption get thrown around a lot without much meaning. If we dig deeper, at the core of the best experiences, there are fundamental paradigm shifts in perception and awareness. In this digital realm we’re starting to see unparalleled connectivity…
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Responsive Upscaling: 11 Ideas for Large-Screen E-Commerce Design →

The responsive design revolution is truly over us (if it didn’t already happen!), and even though e-commerce sites haven’t picked up responsive design quite as aggressively as other industries, it’s becoming increasingly popular.
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How to Fix a Bad User Interface →

Have you ever experienced a user interface that feels lifeless? Have you created a UI that just seems to be missing…something? If that’s the case, you’ve probably experienced a case of Awkward UI…
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UX Is a Canary in a Coal Mine →

Most designers naturally want to join a company where the design of the product is already strong, believing it reflects the value the company places on design and how well designers are set up to succeed. Well, there’s way more to it.
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