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Letter sent on Nov 18, 2015

Will UI Designers be Unemployed Soon? (and other UX links this week)

What’s hot in UX this week:

Will UI Designers Be Unemployed Soon? →

When the first iPhone came out in 2007, the demand for UI designers skyrocketed. Every team needed someone to design the hottest skeuomorphic apps. Plenty of conversations probably revolved around creating a realistic wooden bookshelf to make a certain app look just like real furniture.

But as years passed and the world grew flatter and simpler, it became very clear — all the designer needs to do is to follow the rules. And the rules are very simple:

• Live by the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
• Stick to the brand guidelines
• Make sure not to screw up the UX

Got all of these right? Great job! You can work as a UI designer in a top tech company in the Valley, and earn plenty of money.

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The Best Prototyping Tools →

Creating and improving products based on prototypes and solid practices of User Experience is growing in strength. There are many tools for prototyping websites and mobile applications. So we have prepared a list of the most popular ones.
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The Evolution of a UI Designer into a Product Designer →

What is a “product”? Until recently, the term was only used in relation to something material (telephone, TV, refrigerator), but progress can’t be stopped, this term can now relate to plans from wireless providers, different types of banking services to services and applications in IT.
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Infographic: Is User Experience Worth the Investment? →

What else have businesses done to increase conversions and sales by improving user experience? And what are some tips for marketers looking to do the same?
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Fire ‘em! →

About a week ago I sat down to watch a recording of Mule Design’s Mike Monteiro speaking at the Webdagene conference. His talk began with some brave and incisive criticisms of the failures of both academic design programs and the design industry proper. But as the talk drew on, Monteiro built himself up into a righteous fury…
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5 Things We Learned From Buzzfeed’s VP of Design →

Buzzfeed’s new VP of Design Cap Watkins likes to go fast. His big ideas and perpetual drive have led him to some of the biggest tech companies in the world today; from Etsy and Amazon to his current home at Buzzfeed.
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UX for Apple Watch: A 6-step Starter Guide →

“Following up from my previous article, I finally got to play around with an Apple Watch and have since designed a few projects. So I’m back to share with you my experience and a few tips to get you started with UX design for Apple Watch.”
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Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation: A Primer →

However, on mobile devices, both navigation and search come at a price: they occupy screen space and grab users’ attention, both of which are at an even higher premium on mobile than on desktop.
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An Actionable Guide To Your First Job In UX →

Learning about any new discipline can be daunting; however, with so much debate around User Experience Design (usually shortened to UX design) and how to become a UX designer, it can be even harder for beginners to know where to start.
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Image of the week:

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